Friday, 26 March 2010

Selective Hearing

Everyone knows that a dog's hearing is highly developed. But did humans know we can switch it off whenever we like? It's not commonly known, but extensive research has been done in most of our very own homes.

For example, when I'm out in the garden, doing my ablutions or having a sniff of the territory or smelling the air for neighbourhood cats, mum will call me to come in for whatever reason only known to herself. Our hearing is almost like a computer and we can switch off certain types of words, like our name, come, stop, sit, stay, leave it and so on. But we are cleverly able to keep in tune with certain words of our choice, such as carrots, biscuits, din-dins, park, walkies etc.

So the one-sided conversation will go like this:

Mum (friendly voice): George! Come on, I need to go out.
George hears: Jooooorg! mumble, mumble mumble.
Mum: (higher pitched): George! COME on!
George hears: Jooooooorg! MUMble.
Mum (not as friendly): NOW!
George hears: AAH!
Mum (whispers): carrot.
George hears: CARROT!!!!!!! clear as a bell.
*drops the stick he was chewing and runs straight in, licking lips*


  1. For Jack, it's cookie. And I don't even have to say it - just thinking about it is enough! :)

  2. My "clear" word is TREAT. I hear it everytime!

  3. Treat and cookies are very good words to tune into. BOL!

  4. No words ever work on us. Crinkle cellophane or start the ice maker, and you have a thundering herd coming in your direction.

  5. Hi there guys! I'm Major, Im a Great Dane from Australia.
    I'm so glad you've found you voice, please come join me and keep blogging, ill check in on you regularly